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Wed, Jan 30, 2008
Report looks at schools' success with Moodle
Educators share their experience implementing this free, open-source course management program
By Laura Devaney, Associate Editor, eSchool News
new report from the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) aims to introduce educators to Moodle, an open-source software program for managing courses online.
"While the Consortium for School Networking is vendor-neutral and tries to help inform technology decision-making in K-12 environments by focusing on the choices available, there are times when examining a specific product can be very helpful," says the report, called "Moodle: An Open Learning Content Management System for Schools."
"Such, we believe, is the case with Moodle. While this report is technically not vendor-specific (since Moodle is 'open-source' software, it does not require going through a commercial vendor), we believe that the widespread and often enthusiastic response to Moodle by K-12 institutions creates a need to briefly define what Moodle is, to [suggest] what it can do, and to give some specific examples of how it is being implemented."
Moodle enables teachers to develop online curricula and lesson plans, administer assignments and quizzes, and participate in professional development activities from home. It also allows students to engage in lessons off-site if they have internet access, providing a valuable school-to-home connection that can maximize learning.
Moodle can help with basic functions such as classroom management, or more complex tasks such as complete eLearning or "blended instruction"--eLearning that extends into on-site classroom instruction. As of last fall, the report says, Moodle claimed to have more than 14 million users, with more than 35,000 sites in 195 countries. In the appendix, the report describes how Moodle is being implemented in five schools and school districts across the country.
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